Keeping Exclusive Audiences Engaged With Amazing Social Content


An exclusive, private membership organization dedicated to connecting exceptional & inspirational individuals both socially & professionally through a variety of experiential events, sensational parties & elite social gatherings.


  • Drive brand awareness and affinity as their brand grows
  • Produce unique content creation experiences on-location
  • Showcase live curated content on venue display screens
  • Natively Integrate sponsors


Balancing exclusivity with the powers of social media

Behind The Scenes


Blossom partnered with Karma International to launch a fresh and interactive brand campaign centered around content contributed by both the performers and their fans, which could be monetized with sponsors and advertisers.


Online Community

By integrating a Community Hub on their website, KARMA is able to tell and update their social story on their own property before, during and after all their events.


Photo Booth

By using the HALOCAM Photobooth at all their events, KARMA capture’s the excitement that is exclusive to their brand experiences, which is then showcased live on the event screens or on their website community page.


Event Screens

Utilizing the Event Hub, KARMA can showcase real-time fan content, integrated with branded content, throughout the event on the JumboTron, as well as the event TV’s.

The Results

Karma International was able to build an interactive experience that ultimately led to increased brand awareness and long-term campaign recognition that continues to grow after every event.

 With social as the driving force for engagement, user engagement soared as visitors posted their pictures using the event hashtags. The use of the event displays generated excitement throughout the event while the HALOCAM product made it easy for attendees to get their pictures on the screens. Additionally, they were able to secure title sponsors and advertisers into their online and on-site experiences as their popularity grows around the world.

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